About the Project

The Brazos Valley Connection, a 58.7 mile electric transmission line that will run from Harris County to Grimes County, will help address much needed future infrastructure improvements while meeting an obligation to provide safe and reliable power.

PUC Final Order
Map of Final Approved Route
BVC Project Construction Overview

On January 15, 2016, the Public Utility Commission signed an orderNew approving Route 1A-Modified. On April 14, 2016, the Public Utility Commission approved monopoles for the entire route.

Construction Overview

  • PUC issued final order April 2016
  • ERCOT target completion: June 2018
  • Construction contractor: North Houston Pole Line
  • Construction start dates:
    • Section K3: 2/6/17*
    • Sections 1, 2, 3: 4/3/17**
      *K3 includes rebuilding approx. 1 mile of an existing tie-line (L.E. Myers Co.)
      **Simultaneous construction of all 3 sections

Section 3

91 tangent poles
42 angle poles
1 lattice angle tower
102,000 double-circuit feet of conductor

Section 2

118 tangent poles
99,500 double-circuit feet of conductor
K3 includes 11 poles and approx. 1 mile of double-circuit conductor

Section 1

125 tangent poles
18 angle poles
2 lattice angle towers
114,000 double-circuit feet of conductor

For more information on the Brazos Valley Connection Project, please call (832) 773-6185.