PUC Approval

1. When was the CCN approved by the PUC and which route did they approve?New

The CCN was approved by the PUC on January 15, 2016 for the construction of Route 1A-Modified. Route 1A-Modified consists of route segments B-F-LA-I3-LD-N1A-K3-N1C-H2-V2A-L3-A3-C3-D3A-M3-O3-P3-Q3-R3 and is approximately 58.7 miles long. Route 1A-modified begins at CenterPoint Energy’s existing Zenith Substation, located southwest of Cypress, Texas northwest of the intersection of FM 529 (Freeman Road) and Grand Parkway (SH 99). The route generally follows the existing 345 kV transmission line north and turns due west about one mile north of Hwy 30, where it terminates at the Gibbons Creek Substation.

2. Do I get a steel monopole or a lattice tower?New

Pursuant to the final order (Docket #44547, Item #1282, IV. Ordering Paragraphs 5 & 6) CNP is required to use steel monopoles along certain defined segments of the approved route. CNP is required to install steel monopoles along all of Route Segment K3, along Route Segment N1C between habitable structures 973 and 986 (inclusive), along Route Segment LA from the crossing of U.S. 290 to habitable structure 224 (inclusive) and between habitable structures 368 and 380 (inclusive), along all of Route Segment I3 and along Route Segment N1A between habitable structures 829 to 843 (inclusive).

If you are a landowner with a habitable structure within 200 feet of the transmission line’s centerline you may choose to have either a lattice tower or a steel monopole.

If you are a directly affected landowner; a landowner either crossed or has a habitable structure within 500 feet of the transmission line’s centerline but are further than 200 feet, you may request a steel monopole rather than a lattice tower if you are willing to pay the cost difference. The estimated cost difference is $100,000 to $185,000 additional cost for each in-line suspension steel monopole or $860,000 to $1,400,000 additional cost for each angle turning structure.


3. Who is CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC?

CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC (CenterPoint Energy) is an electric utility that maintains the wires, towers, poles, and electric infrastructure serving more than two million end-use customers in a 5,000-square-mile electric service territory in the Houston metropolitan area. While CenterPoint Energy’s employees ensure the reliable delivery of power from power plants to homes and businesses, the Company neither generates power nor sells it to customers.